Investment Philosophy

Stonehouse offers tailored investment solutions for our clients.  By bringing innovation together with intelligent portfolio management we aim to protect and increase our client’s wealth to provide assurance of a stable financial future.

Our investment methodology is founded on the following principles:


Holding an astute mix of assets and strategies that have attractive risk and return characteristics and are sufficiently robust to withstand varying economic and market conditions.

Preservation of Capital

Aiming to limit losses during difficult market conditions via methods such as dynamic asset allocation and the use of alternative investments which are designed to take advantage of volatile or downward trends in markets. This is crucial to the method of generating and sustaining long term wealth.

Active Management

Regularly monitoring investments and actively reallocating portfolios from both an asset allocation and individual investment standpoint to help ensure optimal results and minimise the volatility associated with the common ‘index’ or ‘strategic’ approaches.

Value Based Investing

Constantly analyse asset class valuations to establish those that are under and over-valued relative to their ‘intrinsic value’. We aim to invest in assets that are cheap or, undervalued, and take profits or rebalance when markets become overvalued to help protect and preserve capital.