Overall Financial Strategy and Planning

Our Advisers help to realise your goals through tailored financial solutions that maximise your financial potential while minimising the risk of doing so.

At Stonehouse we take time to understand your particular goals and objectives and ensure that your needs are reflected in our advice which is flexible in catering for your personal preferences.


Effective superannuation strategies are essential to achieving and maintaining a comfortable level of retirement. Stonehouse Advisers ensure your retirement savings are maximised through the use of intelligent strategies to boost contributions, increase tax effectiveness, preserve capital and assist in navigating the complex legislative framework.

Investment Advice and Management

Stonehouse is proud to offer tailored investment solutions for our clients.

We bring innovation together with intelligent portfolio management in order to protect and increase your wealth.

We are not directed or controlled by any third party institutions where this may be harder to achieve.

We prudently manage our clients’ assets to give assurance of a stable financial future.

To learn more about our investment philosoply click here.

Retirement Planning

Stonehouse enables you to make the most of your retirement by recommending strategies to help ensure the longevity of your retirement capital, assist with taxation minimisation and deliver greater peace of mind up to and through retirement.

Stonehouse Advisers are also fully versed in the maximisation of entitlements that you may have with Centrelink, ComSuper, QSuper and other government superannuation schemes.

We are able to assist you with questions such as:

  • How much superannuation do I need to retire?
  • Should I increase my contributions into superannuation and if so, by how much?
  • At what age can I cease working?
  • What investments should I be making if I want to retire in 5, 10 or 20 years?
  • What tax saving strategies are available?
  • How do I make my superannuation last in retirement?

Wealth Accumulation

The accumulation of wealth is a means to providing for your financial security and that of your loved ones.

Stonehouse Advisers draw from a large array of strategies to ensure that your financial circumstances can be maximised to generate sustainable and lasting outcomes.

The tactics used are developed to take full advantage of all flexibilities available under the law, thereby enhancing your returns with consideration of their tax effectiveness, exposure to volatility and your need for liquidity.

Stonehouse is a firm whose investment philosophy is built on the premise of value, quality and the preservation of capital.

Stonehouse is asset class agnostic and as such strives to generate returns in the most cost effective, risk managed and therefore sustainable manner possible.

Loan Solutions

Stonehouse offers specialised Credit Advice services that enable our experts to assist you with loan solutions in the following areas:

  • Residential property
  • Commercial property
  • Car & asset Finance
  • SMSF (non-recourse) loans
  • Personal loans
  • Crowdsourcing

With a large panel of bank and alternative credit providers at their disposal our Credit Advisers are well equipped to provide you with knowledgeable and professional advice on issues such as:

  • Tax effective structuring of investment loans
  • Debt minimisation strategies
  • Thorough reviews of current loan arrangements to enhance your financial position including an assessment of interest rate competitiveness, more beneficial loan structures and associated bank product solutions
  • Pre-assessment advice to assist with future loan applications
  • Competitive car finance solutions

Stonehouse Credit Advice services are also enhanced by their close relationship with our Financial Advice specialists who work together to ensure that a holistic approach is adopted to provide optimal lending solutions.

Our Credit Advisers Steve Kellaway and Michael Chiel look forward to finding you the right loan solution.

Wealth protection, including life, disability and critical illness insurances

Personal risk insurances are some of the least understood, yet most necessary forms of insurance available.

While we generally recognise the need for car, home and private hospital insurance, we commonly neglect our single most important asset – our earnings capacity.

The ability to generate income through employment or business endeavours to support your financial and lifestyle commitments is the primary asset of those yet to retire.

Stonehouse Advisers can assist you to quantify your risk in this regard and to help determine both the level of cover appropriate and the best structure and policies available through the use of an independent panel of quality insurers.

Cash flow and Debt management

A sustainable cash flow is imperative in securing your financial goals and commitments and with this goes the intelligent use of debt to further advance your objectives.

Stonehouse Advisers understand the dynamics of a healthy cash flow and the ways in which to harness it for the advancement of your financial prosperity.

Similarly, Stonehouse Advisers understand how to use debt to your advantage and the methods by which you can accelerate the repayment of non-performing loans to assist you to achieve your desired financial position sooner.

Stonehouse also offers specialised Credit Advice services that enable our experts to review your current loan arrangements with a view to enhancing your financial wellbeing through the use of more competitively priced and more beneficially structured loan solutions through a large array of Australian banks and other credit providers.

Succession planning

Most businesses are not succession ready and it is essential for owners to plan for business succession properly.

Having a well thought through plan is the backbone to a successful succession. Stonehouse can create an effective succession plan which will consider your current situation while ensuring flexibility to deal with unexpected crises which can, and often do, occur.

Tax minimisation

Stonehouse Advisers understand that well informed, properly structured taxation planning strategies can deliver risk free, guaranteed savings and yield meaningful benefits to their clients’ financial wellbeing.

While ensuring their legal soundness, Stonehouse Advisers are careful to utilise strategies that are effective, meaningful and deliverable dependent on your personal circumstances.

Stonehouse Advisers are adept in the use and application of discretionary and family trusts, ‘bucket’ companies, small business concessions, superannuation concessional and non-concessional contribution limits, employee share scheme arrangements and redundancy benefits to name a few.

Estate planning

Estate planning requires consideration of how your assets will be managed in the event of incapacity as much as in the event of death.

Stonehouse Advisers can help to ensure that your wishes are given effect through the most reliable means possible and are available to liaise with a trusted network of solicitors where needed to ensure that this is accomplished in the most efficient and tax effective manner possible.

An Adviser’s skill in estate planning is crucial in ensuring the most beneficial outcome in the management of your assets.

Philanthropic Planning

Stonehouse offers investment and advisory services to help maximise your philanthropic efforts now and over the long term. Specially-designed products and services can be used to provide you the confidence and security of knowing that your philanthropic endeavours achieve their desired outcomes.

Professional referrals

Stonehouse has a vast network of trusted professionals should you require a connection to an Accountant, Solicitor, Valuer and any particular speciality within these fields.

Should a referral be required your Adviser will assist in connecting you with a suitable professional for your needs.