Martin Baker

Martin Baker

A passionate and conscientious adviser, specialising in investment advice, with a proven track record with many years’ experience in the financial services industry.

Martin’s focus is on his client’s goals and investment portfolios. He has a thorough and in-depth understanding of client’s tailored portfolios and specifically the companies that he recommends and the industries in which they operate. He provides regular communication with his analysis of how the companies progress over time and enjoys being on the pulse. These updates are well-received as it keeps his clients engaged and informed about their investments.

Martin holds a Professional Diploma in Stockbroking, Superannuation Accreditation and Securities and Managed Investments Accreditation from Deakin University, Margin Lending and Geared Investments Qualification from Kaplan Professional and a Portfolio Management Certificate from Macquarie University. He is registered with the Tax Practitioners Board as a Tax (Financial) Adviser and is a Practitioner Member of the Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association.

He is proud to be working for Stonehouse Group, a privately owned company that makes a difference, his clients will attest to that statement.

Working alongside his son Declan is a rare and special opportunity.

Martin has clients throughout Australia and is available for appointments around the country. Locally, Martin is available for appointments at our Noosa and Brisbane offices.

I am writing this after having Martin Baker as my personal financial adviser for more than three years. His service is so good I have followed him from previous employers as a sign of my loyalty to his professional work and advice.

Martin has a very easy and engaging manner when discussing something I would otherwise consider a dry topic – financial issues. He has always known the level of detail I need and provides relevant advice and market information on a very regular basis. He also knows me well enough to often provide an easy summary of the issue where I need to make a decision. I will admit I am not always diligent in responding or being easy to contact, but Martin’s level of professionalism is such that he will follow up where required. He also provides regular reviews of my investments and chosen strategies to meet the changing market climate.

I am very happy with the advice and service Martin has provided over the years and feel that my personal superannuation is in a much healthier state than it had been with my employer fund. I hope this relationship continues for the years to come. I would not hesitate in recommending Martin to other potential investors.

Carl Hubbard

I had a little knowledge of how shares worked but little experience or interest in investing in the market. I used to review my Superannuation statement once a year for a few minutes and say to myself; I really must get more active in managing my super this and the following year I engaged Martin.

I have learnt a lot from taking control of my Superannuation; I now have an appreciation of what makes a sound investment. Martin keeps me informed of any issues that may impact the companies I invest in and provides unbiased opinions and advice and is not pushy. He does not hide behind a fund manager or dish up excuses. I trust Martin, he has managed my share portfolio in my Superannuation Fund and has consistently outperformed my previous Queensland public offer super fund company over the last four years.

Bob Fowler

When I first met with Martin to discuss my financial future I thought I had a good handle on my financial position. It turns out I did not. Martin asked me a number of questions about my superannuation situation and I was quite embarrassed that I could not answer many of his questions. My husband and I have a self-managed super fund, and a financial planner with another firm. As my husband has a financial background, he had an immediate understanding and spoke the language of our financial advisors. I attended all meetings, thought I understood the conversation and concurred with all provided recommendations and decisions. So it was a surprise to me to discover just how little I actually knew about my financial position and direction.

With my husband’s full support, I decided to set up a portfolio with Martin in my own name, to complement that which I had with my husband, with the specific intention of not only increasing its value but also enabling me and educating me on investing and financial direction. After a short period of working together I am delighted to say we have achieved both objectives. Most importantly working with Martin has helped educate me and increase my awareness such that I can more actively and effectively contribute to the planning discussions on our self-managed fund in addition to making informed decisions on my own fund.

Martin provides me regular updates with timely information, advice and options. He happily answers my many questions and respects my decisions, even if I occasionally slightly deviate from his recommended option. I thank him for his encouragement and support and am very happy to recommend his financial services.

Susan Welch